Fans of Steven R. McQueen

Steven R. McQueen for Abercrombie & Fitch


The Vampire Diaries 5x11 Promo - 500 Years of Solitude [HD] 100th episode

I like the second gif one BUT to be fair, not really strength required —> Kat weighs like nothing :D -

One of those will (yet again) end up on some questionable tumblr blog ^^


He really deserves to have more screen time, though.

Do you have any photos for Eyecon when they pulled a fan up on stage?

I don’t but someone else might.

Steven R. McQueen at #EyeconTVD6 Nov. 3rd. More pictures taken by fansofmcqueen here:

No guys.. No Instagram either


is steven mcqueen’s real though?

Jeremy Gilbert + 5x02 [2]

Jeremy Gilbert + 5x02 [3]

Jeremy Gilbert + 5x02 [4]